Our Service 

Need to gather evidence for your CPD portfolio?


Would you like to increase your knowledge in bite sized chunks?

Keen to understand the key processes that underpin your clinical business?


Have time periodically to drop in on a CPD session?

HCPG can help with a workshop.

These sessions utilize HCPG specialist knowledge in bite-size chunks tailored to clients needs.

The content and price are bespoke to the client..

External delivery around a “difficult” theme often encourages more discussion. Some of the emotion, found with in house delivery, can be removed.

HCPG are happy to discuss various topics and create a bespoke session.

These sessions can be used as in service training or local group meetings e.g. branch meetings, special interest group evenings.

These can be delivered in person or remotely.

All sessions include evaluation and feedback.

All sessions include CPD certificates.

Sample sessions include


Would your notes pass the documentation standards – being electronic does not necessarily mean yes?


Is your consent really informed?


Do you understand what being candid in healthcare means and is your duty of candour policy robust?


What do you understand about whistleblowing and how would you respond to a whistleblowing incident?

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Nicola B.

Working with HCPG has been an invaluable process in setting up my clinic. Going through the policies, associated documents and seeing how it all fits together, has really improved my confidence and knowledge, with a better understanding of HCPC compliance. This area can be filled with worry and fear, but Sandra and Sarah, who are so approachable and knowledgeable, have made it an enjoyable experience! I would highly recommend their service, and really feel that it is a ‘no-brainer’ for any clinic owner.

Stephen Reading

“I really valued both your input, both on a quality improvement aspect but also to give me a much better understanding of the regulatory standards.

PhysioNet Bristol

Excellent has made me aware of the shortcomings within my practice and provided a springboard to implement change.”

Judith Sutherland House

I really appreciate your efforts and ways on bringing the team together, making sure everyone is included and is valued - this was very impressive.

Heather D2M

It has been a thorough and rigorous process which has enabled us to explore how we would deal with possible scenarios in our service delivery, and document the processes to do that."

Tim Surrey Physio

Sandra and Sarah are two super-experienced old-school (a time when things were done properly) physiotherapists who I had the pleasure to meet a few months ago. We completed a very thorough audit of one of my physiotherapy clinics which took several months to do, but was a worthwhile experience. Sarah and Sandra’s unique knowledge of the physiotherapy marketplace ensures they are best placed to advise on areas of governance which need improving. They guided us on what we needed to do to improve, and keep us compliant with HCPC and CSP standards.

Jo, Bath

Everything ran like clockwork and absolutely proved to me that our Audit result wasn't just on the certificate but a valid outcome. I can't thank you both enough for the support you gave last year which helped to bring us to where we are now.


I have known I needed to seriously update my compliance for ages but I kept putting it off and burrowing my head in the sand because I just didn't know where to start? what to do? and whether I had time? I always felt it was something I probably should know how to do and I was embarrassed that I wasn't up to date. Fortunately, I have found HCPG who are amazing. Now I have a plan, the skills, the resources, the training, and most importantly, a supportive ear to guide me through the complexity of compliance.


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