Servicing of Equipment

Aug 13, 2021

By for HCPG

August 2021

Once clinics started to re-open we found that with the new infection control requirements in place,  many clinics found their couches where not compliant, with damaged upholstery, that could easily harbour viruses and bacteria. This led to a big increase in the request to reupholster couches with new upholstery. However, with the requirement to ensure couches were fully cleaned between patients with a product that would kill viruses and bacteria, we found that this increased cleaning with a wide range of products used, started to have a detrimental effect on the longevity for the upholstery and the couch. Upholstery should be cleaned with a recommended product that kills viruses and bacteria without causing excessive wear & tear to the upholstery.

We recommend Clinell wipes as these are fully tested and used throughout the NHS.

The other issue we have noticed recently with the increased cleaning and disinfection of couches is that the products being used are working their way into the couch frame. This is causing damage to some moving parts such as hinges and in worst cases, paint is wearing off with rust starting to form. Again regular servicing of the couches will reduce these issues, and without intervention these issues could lead to couch damage & failure.

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