Audit-Ready: A Friendly Reminder for Physios to Showcase Their Professional Journey

Feb 6, 2024

You may well know by now if you have been selected for an audit by the HCPC. Don’t panic! You can do this. I have undergone this process so thought maybe a few tips may be helpful. I would encourage you to see the audit as an opportunity to showcase your dedication to excellence and and an opportunity for reflection.

The purpose of HCPC audit is to ensure professional standards are adhered to for the benefit of all the service users. Being audited is not just a requirement but an opportunity for self-reflection.

Your Professional Portfolio will have evidence of your Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and you only need to evidence a few of the standards that apply to you in your service. You do not need to evidence every single standard! You will need to show how any learning you have undertaken has enhanced your practise and benefited your patients. Think about courses you have done, articles you have critiqued, learnings from safety incidents and complaints as well as any challenging cases where you can demonstrate what you learned and how it changed your practise for the better. You can use governance as well as clinical as examples.

Reflective Practice:

Remember, reflective writing is a skill that develops with practice. The more you engage in reflective practices, the more naturally it will come to you. Each reflection contributes to your ongoing professional and personal growth. Note down reflections on challenging cases or professional experiences.

What did you reflect on?

What had gone well?

What had gone not so well?

What could you do differently?

How can you put that into practice?

Celebrate your successes and milestones in your professional development.

Good Luck

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