What Is A Peer Review

Jan 14, 2022

What is a MSK peer review?

A clinician who specialises in MSK (musculoskeletal) treatments will meet in person (or virtually) with another MSK clinician to review a set of patient notes together. They discuss why the clinician has chosen to do what they did and discuss the evidence supporting that decision. It is a critique of each other’s patient notes to make sure their patients are receiving the best treatment possible. It forms part of a required CPD (Continual Professional Development) portfolio.

What is a CPD portfolio?

This is a Continual Professional Development portfolio which every clinician must have and keep updated. It can be requested at re-registration.

What are the benefits of a peer review?

It helps to make sure that clinicians do not become complacent and keeps them up to date with evidence-based medicine and treatments.


Why is it mandatory?

It is a requirement under the HCPC standard 11.1 that the therapist “understands the value of reflection on practice and the need to record the outcome of such reflection. ” Peer reviews support and evidence this.

What is the process?

A clinician chooses a peer to review their patient notes with. It takes about an hour; they then need to document what they discussed and any changes to be implemented going forward in the treatment of the patient discussed.

How much does it cost?

You can arrange a peer review with a fellow professional from another organisation for free. It is important that you ask the right questions and document the process.

What happens if I don’t have one?

You are breaching the standards set by the governing body HCPC.

Why should I purchase a Peer Review template from HCPG?

To save time and make sure you ask the right questions. A peer review for a sole practitioner or for a team template costs £25. Available to purchase in our store.

Peer Review Zoom session – 7.2.22. 6pm to 8pm. £40

Do you work in MSK as a sole practitioner? Come and meet other MSK practitioners and complete your peer review with someone new. Join us to find out what you need to consider and enjoy an interactive Zoom session. We have a scheduled session arranged for Monday the 7th of February at 6pm. Places are limited to allow all participants to complete their peer reviews.

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